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Welcome Friends!!

Welcome to  the official web page for Betsy's Pet Parlor! This is a full service grooming salon for Extra Small and Small breed 

dogs under 35 lbs. 

I know you love your fur babies!

I use all natural Bark 2 Basics shampoos and conditioners on your pets in order to keep them safe, healthy and free of irritants. My variable speed blow dryer allows me to find the optimal setting for your pets comfort.

Time is Precious.

Some of us feel unsettled when we leave our pets with others. I only take in one pet, or family of pets, at a time. This has consistently appeared to be a successful way to direct my attention to only one pet at a time, as well as get your pet back to you as promptly as possible. 

What types of small breeds do you accept?

I work mainly with smaller breeds now, and some medium size. It's not only the weight that is factored in, it's also the height that determines if your breed is considered "small." This is a a chart of what is typically considered "small" with a reference to how much each breed typically weighs on average.

Is my dog too big?

Here is a simple chart of common medium dog breeds in our area that I probably will NOT be able to accommodate UNLESS they run on the small side of under 35lbs.. 

What our customers are saying:

Thank you, I have searched for a couple of years to find one like you. My girls are happy and relaxed.

Barbara Reger

I took my two Australian shepherds who were very over due for a grooming and she did a fantastic job on them both! Highly recommended and will definitely be bringing them to her👌

Angela Burgett

Betsy did a wonderful job grooming my cat Maui. She is very professional, friendly and quick. She did a beautiful lion cut in less than an hour. I've taken Maui to other groomers who charge double what Betsy charges and it took them 2-3 times as long to do a mediocre job. Maui is a happy camper and so am I. I highly recommend Betsy's Pet Parlour, and I will not be going anywhere else."

-Jeanette Taylor

I highly recommend Betsy! She has been doing my dogs for over a year and they are no longer afraid of bathing or grooming. 100% recommend

Gari Colleen

Such a beautiful drive; then a lovely groom shop. Betsy makes the puppies feel and look so good. You can tell she loves her job!

Amanda Fernandez

A fantastic groomer! My lil girl is 11 months old and we had a bad grooming experience somewhere else. Betsy was so patient with both of us and made Solvej feel safe. She did an amazing job grooming her as the last groomer did a chopped job! Solvej was so happy and excited for me to see her new look! I absolutely love 💕 how much effort and honesty that Betsy put in before our appointment to make sure we had a cut that would look great on my lil girl. For sure am continuing with Betsy every 6 to 8 weeks for a spa day and cut. Highly recommend Betsy as she loves and truly cares about your four legged family member.

-Rebecca Murphy

Betsy did amazing with our fur baby!!! She turned out absolutely adorable 🥰 It was Effy’s first time and she did great under Betsy’s care!!

Shawna Nicole Westwood

She was amazing and did a great job with my yorkies. 10/10 will go again

-Charles Honey Lee Burdick-Melendez

I was visiting from out of town and my mini golden doodle needed a grooming. I called Betsy and she was very professional from the beginning. She asked all the right questions and was very specific in understanding how I wanted my dogs hair cut. I really appreciate the effort she put in. And she has the CUTEST dogs herself, I’m in love with her French bulldog. Thanks Betsy! We will definitely be back when we are back in Delta.

-Emily Skelton

I had just moved here had to find a new groomer. Chose Betsy's so glad I did. Highly qualified groomer did exactly what I asked for in a timely manner.

-Jewel Hultquist

Services & Prices

Full Groom Extra Small- Under 20 lbs.


Full Groom Small- Under 35 lbs.


Hot Mess Fee

When it's been longer that 3 months since the last professional groom


Bath and Brush Extra Small- Under 20 lbs.


Bath and Brush Small- Under 35 lbs.


Nail Trim and File

This fee is only charged when this is the only service you need. Otherwise, it's free with the groom and/or bath and brush. Every 3 months is GREAT! You don't want the nails to look like this!


De-Skunk Bath


Doodle Breed Fee

This fee won't apply to every doodle, but, many of the doodle breeds have extremely thick coats and take more time and work.


Needy Pup Fee

This fee is only if they like to give the groomer a hard time.


For our kitty pals:


  •  We can get those kitties trimmed up too. I am no longer able to offer baths on cats but I do offer a basic lion clip with the standard #10 blade. I have left the cats a little longer at times but it doesn't appear to be the most preferred clean up  strategy  for most cat owners. There may be times when I ask you to stay and help assist with the groom. More hands are always helpful with our feline friends! 

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